Shifting Sights & Sounds – An Animation Study

I love stories and the process of story telling! My most favorite medium of storytelling is animation mostly because, you incorporate all the other forms of art to simulate an imaginarium so intricate and controlled by the artists’ eye view, while at the same time sparking genesis of a room for more imagination in that world the artist has just ideated ! It is, thus, chiefly for this reason I respect animated movies more than the best live-action production there is to see, not only out of respect for the work put in, but the very beauty of that hard-work and the subsequent opus!

Above is my first attempt at animation, and below my second. Being a self taught artist, I thought it’d be easy to be a self taught animator, turns out it is nowhere close to trivial, but is tough and frustrating!

First Attempt: The Evolution Sequence…

This was part of a larger video (which I edited out) and this sequence was the first scene in that video. I always wanted to draw dinosaurs ( I’m doodling one right now!) — So I came up with this sequence and drew everything frame by frame, some on paper and scaned them and the rest on photoshop including manipulation of the drawn-then-scanned ones. This was done in a span of 3 hours from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. The finishing touches were given on aftereffects that evening and my first ever animated production was completed.

Second Attempt:The-music-inspired-“Awww”-extractor-gag-with-a-puppy

I hoped this would’ve been a lot, lot better, the movements more organic and gracefully synced with the background score. But all comes with practice!

Well, this one was conceived with me composing the melody while playing the guitar. I recorded it straight away on an app on my tablet. added extra instruments and mixed it to fine finish! You can listen to it here

It sounded somewhat peaceful and cute-sy and thus this gag was thought of.

After a couple of months I finally found a free weekend and after some tinkering, trying to figure out After Effects, I managed to peace it this!

This is a study and I hope to refine my skills over time! 😀

The Funeral in the Savanna


The Funeral in the Savanna

An Experiment/Exercise

Some of you are excellent writers and even better story-tellers. This piece was a random thought and really didn’t have any story or so then, but now that I look at it, it does seem to be a scene frozen from a much bigger plot.

So I propose lets make a story about or around this man wearing a hat standing with a flower in front of the gravestone under the small acacia like tree…
It can be a love story, a quirky fantasy, a horror, a sci-fi anecdote, a poem even! anything, only constrain being it should include the above imagery, somehow!

I think this can be very interesting!
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I shall compile them and update them below!


The Snarejunkie

Any resemblance to the Vitruvian Man is purely co-incidental !

Any resemblance to the Vitruvian Man is purely co-incidental !

This is a caricature of my friend from college , who is the supreme overlord of them double-bass triplets & those criminally insane rolls of his band Paradox.